Illustration from the “Baptism window” in Johnstown Church, by Artist George Walsh

“The Church of God welcomes you with great joy…” (From the Baptismal Ritual)



Baptism is the first sacrament, the gateway to eternal life, the first encounter with Christ. In Baptism the child is reborn to a supernatural life through the remission of original sin and becomes a child of God. At baptism, parents/guardians assume a sacred and solemn duty to raise their child in their Catholic faith by instruction and the example of their own life of faith. In this, they are assisted by the example and witness of the child’s godparent/godparents.


Baptism in our Parish takes place in Johnstown every Sunday after the 11 am Mass, except on the first Sunday of each month and other occasions such as Christmas, Easter and the blessing of graves, should these fall on a Sunday.


Baptism in Walterstown is for those who live in the vicinity of Walterstown’s church and who attend Mass there and takes place, by arrangement, at 5 pm on certain Saturdays, before the Vigil Mass.


A Baptism is booked by presenting a completed booking form at the Parish Office. The Form may be downloaded, printed, completed and presented at the Parish Office. Forms are also available at the Parish Office for completion in person if required.

Please click here to download and complete the (electronically fillable) Baptism Form


Adults who wish to become members of the Catholic Church do so by contacting their priest and arranging a course of instruction leading to the Rite of Christian Initiations of Adults.

Please click here to download the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults – Application Form (RCIA)