Pastoral Assembly


The Pastoral Council is a representative body of parishioners, working in close collaboration with the priests of the Parish, to further the mission of our Parish, which is to preach the Gospel and to lead people to God through the sacraments. It was established in 2019.


As of September 2023, in all Parishes of the Diocese of Meath, Pastoral Councils will be known as Pastoral Assemblies.


The current members as of 2022 are: Rev. Michael Cahill, Fionnuala Keane, Tim O’Leary, Margot Geoghegan, Pat Halvey, Emer O’Conor, Joby Joseph, Aine & Mark Wilders de Barra.


The following are among the members appointed by a process of nomination and selection in June 2023: Patrick Gavigan, Eileen Murphy, Andrea Lawlor, Forbin John, Eimear McGrane.


The Pastoral Assemblies will meet 9 times a year, on an agreed day, to discuss all pastoral matters that have been referred to it, and to collaborate with the Parish Priest, in furthering the mission of the Parish.


The term of a Pastoral Assembly is 4 years. The President is the Parish Priest, and the Chairperson is elected from among the members.