Pastoral Roles

Society of St Vincent de Paul

“None of their members was ever in want, as all those who owned land or houses would sell them, and bring the money from the sale of them, to present it to the apostles; it was then distributed to any who might be in need.” (Acts 4:34-35)

Responding generously and discretely to material needs in the community according to the Gospel precept of love of neighbour, the members meet in the Sacristy at Johnstown Church, every Monday at 7.30 pm, to consider the needs and requests made known to them in the community. If you need the services of the SVP, telephone 1800 677 777 Ext. 2, and a member will make contact with you in due course.

To join the Society of St Vincent de Paul, contact Michael Nealon, C/O Parish Office or 1800 677 777 Ext. 2.

The Legion of Mary 

“Mary set out at that time and went as quickly as she could into the hill country… and greeted Elizabeth.” (Luke 1:39-40)

Legion of Mary, founded in Ireland by the Servant of God, Frank Duff in 1921 responds to spiritual needs in the community, primarily by door-to-door visitation, and a street apostolate. A Praesdium of the Legion of Mary was founded in this Parish in 2022 and began an extensive program of door-to-door visitation. Due to lack of members, the Praesidium re-united with the Navan Praesidium and continues to carry out home visitation in our Parish.

The Praesidium meets every Tuesday at 8 pm in St Anne’s Pastoral Centre in Navan.

Contact: Andrea Lawlor 0870515402.

The Junior Praesidium meets on Tuesday at 8 pm in the Pastoral Centre in Navan.

Contact: Ronan 0863671171.