Pregnancy support


One Day More

Supports parents who receive a difficult prenatal prognosis or are told their unborn child has a life limiting condition.

  • Contact: | 0860220362

Hugh’s House

Provides accommodation to families whose children are long-term in-patients at Holles St, Rotunda, the Coombe, Temple St.

  • Contact: | 083 3585611

Gianna Care

Practical assistance for crisis pregnancy. 24-hour helpline, non-directive counselling, financial assistance, parenting classes, maternity/baby equipment.

  • Contact: | 01 532 2116

Rachel’s Vineyard

Provides post-abortive counselling, organises retreats, offers support and counselling for women experiencing loss or grief following abortion.

  • Contact: | Bernadette: 0878592877

Women Hurt

Support group for women who regret their abortion.

  • Contact:


Post-abortive counselling.

  • Contact: