“They are no longer two, therefore, but one flesh. So then, what God has united, human beings must not divide.” (Matthew 19:6)

Marriage is that unique relationship intended by the Creator for the loving union of man and woman and the generation of human life, as the expression of that love. Marriage is the foundation of the happiness of society and of the individual. Christian Marriage elevates the natural union of man and woman to a sacrament, meaning that every authentic expression of their married love makes Christ present in Family life and in the world.


When you have decided to get married, there are two distinct aspects: Church and State, Civil and Ecclesiastical. It is the responsibility of the couple to inform the State of their intention to marry by contacting the Office of the Register of Marriages.


If you wish to celebrate a Christian Marriage in our Parish, to secure your preferred date, the first step is to complete the Request Form and to submit it to the Parish Office. Your marriage is considered to be booked only when you have received from the Parish the Letter of Confirmation of the Wedding Booking.

The spiritual preparation for Marriage consists of a series of meetings with your own priest. Bride and Groom are prepared for Marriage in the Parish in which each of them resides. Each will complete with their own priest a two-part questionnaire know as the Pre-nuptial Enquiry which establishes their freedom to marry and their understanding and acceptance of Christian teaching on the nature of Marriage and to ensure that there is no impediment or obstacle to the Marriage being celebrated in the Church. The Parish Secretary will set up a meeting between you and the Parish Priest. You will also be required to attend a marriage preparation course with ACCORD, the only agency recognized by the Diocese of Meath for Marriage preparation.

The Parish Priest is available to you in the months preceding the wedding to discuss and plan details of the ceremony, the music and the decoration of the church.


Please click here to download and complete the (electronically fillable) Booking Form for a Wedding in Johnstown-Walterstown Parish

Information for Couples Booking a Wedding in Johnstown-Walterstown

Please see also the “Handy Wedding Hints” for further details